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"Why Choose the ‘Ultimate Prayer Experience’ for a Deeper Connection with God?

If you've already embraced the transformative power of the '31-Day Single Parent Prayer Challenge,' you've experienced a profound start to the new year, rooted in God's wisdom and designed to invigorate your goals. Yet, if you yearn for something more profound—a deeper communion with God and a richer understanding of His teachings on prayer—the 'Ultimate Prayer Experience' beckons, offering an opportunity to immerse yourself fully in this transformative journey.

While many, like yourself, embark on this prayer challenge with aspirations for parenting and financial success in the new year, the majority of people worldwide set resolutions annually—research indicates that 88% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. The Bible provides abundant wisdom on managing and growing kingdom wealth, effective parenting, and guidance for singles. This divine inspiration led to the creation of the 2-Day 'Kingdom Seeker and Parenting Workshop,' where you can delve into these profound themes.

Reflect on this scriptural wisdom: "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well" (Matthew 6:33). Many devoted followers face challenges in financial prosperity or parenting, not due to a lack of devotion, but often due to a lack of knowledge. The 'Kingdom Wealth and Parenting Workshop' aims to address this, providing you with God’s wisdom and principles for stewardship in wealth and parenting.

In a world inundated with misinformation, especially in the financial sector, this workshop offers a different perspective, countering the often misleading advice from mainstream financial advisors.

By upgrading to the 'Ultimate Prayer Experience,' you not only gain access to the 'Kingdom Wealth and Parenting Workshop' but also exclusive sessions in a private Zoom area with special guests. These sessions include additional teachings and live Q&A, offering mentorship and personalized insights.

I am eager to connect with you live on January 1st and strongly encourage you to maximize the benefits of the 'Ultimate Prayer Experience.'

In faithful service, Churmell Mitchell"

So, What Is the “Ultimate Prayer Experience”? Here’s How It Works…


Get an Early Release Electronic Copy Of The "31 Prayers For Single Parents" Book, giving you immediate access to all 31 chapters of our insightful new book. This digital format allows you to conveniently annotate and refer to the material, enhancing your journey.


Gain Exclusive Access to Private Special Live Calls with Churmell and Special Guests Q&A Live Experience. Here, you can ask questions and receive additional mentoring from Kingdom Entrepreneur Churmell Mitchell and other esteemed guests.


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(Normally $997.00)For Only $31.99

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(Normally $997.00)For Only $31.99

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